Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Am I Gay

Hi Metis..Goddess of Wisdom..

I work in a telemarketing company. There's this guy name say, Ronaldo. I have broken up with my girlfirend over 4 months now and me and Ron started to get quite close. We started talking about our past relationships etc. We hang out a lot with our friends. One night though, I had a dream about him and me having sex. It felt good, the dream of course. The next day, I felt different, looking at him. I am beginning to see him differently now. One weekend I had to go to KL and i suddenly missed him. Am I turning gay?

~Confused Romeo

Romeo, Romeo,..

Did you two actually had physical sex? If you haven't then it's so normal. Normal for men to have feelings for each other. It could be brotherly love. But heck! It was only a dream. So don't let it play around in your mind. Enjoy each others company. Oh, and don't try to tell him of your feelings or the dream you had. Remember, he and you are straight. You confide in him would freak him out and ..wooshh.. you lose a friend. You don't want that right? You're not gay! But,..unless, both of you got drunk and end up in bed,..that's another story. Do let me know. I just love drama. Ciao!

My Boyfriend Loves Sex..A Lot!!


He does! My bf loves sex so much that he wants to do it every day! I cannot keep up. He even suggested outdoor sex once and I'm like, 'are you crazy?' I'm so afraid that if I don't submit to his sexual needs, he'll leave me. I love him. Help..
~Good Christian Girl


Firstly, are there really any good christian girls out there? I'm kidding. If you don't want him coz you can't keep up, I'll take him anytime sweetie. But that's just wishful thinking. Look, don't worry bout him running away coz you cannot cope. He'll probably just 'help himself' when you are not in the mood or not around. Guys do that. Tell him girl! Tell him that you are not a vessel waiting to be filled up all the time. Tell him you'll get blisters! (he'd probably believe it..hehehe). Communicate. Tell him your preferences, what turns you on, how frequent you prefer to have sex. The secret is quality and not quantity. Tell him that if he skips a day, imagine how good it'll feel the next day..'s getting hot in here.. Good luck! Ciao Sweetie!

I'm Lonely.. It's killing me


I have loads of friends. I have a great career. But why do I feel so lonely? How do I get rid of this feeling?
~Lonely Girl

Dear Lonely Girl,

You are dwelling on the idea so much and you are too obsessed by it. Look girl, get a a nice sensible way.. If you are lonely because you are single then start searching. Its 2008. Girls can and allowed to look for guys. Dress up differently than you used too. No sequins, bling-bling dresses (leave that to Beyonce).. something more sexy. It helps. Ok if you don't have a Nicoel kidman body, a nice black dress helps. Let go your inhibitions a bit. Your friends are probably too familiar with your character. Well, we all know that we all have our little secret characters. let it out girl! You'll never know the guy of your dreams is just in front of your nose. Good luck & Ciao!

I Hate My Mom

Hi Metis,

I am 26 years old guy and my mom is always breathing down my neck! She is always commenting on my friends, they looked too easy going, 'are they smokers? " are you smoking? How's work? I think you should meet bla,bla, bla. I think she's so nice and suits you. Sometimes when she calls, I don't feel like answering the phone. Help me!!
~Guy on the Run

Hi Guy,

You're mom has a case of not able to let go of the little boy she used to have. I bet you are the youngest or the only boy left not married. Look, take your mom out for coffee (as you do), and talk to her, "look mom, I'm 26. Can you please piss off and leave me alone!" O.K. maybe that's not so nice to say to any mothers. Ask her to watch Oprah, really. They have some good books recommended for mothers to read and let go of their kids. Try "New Earth by Eckhart Tolle'. She'll discover that she is still holding on to her 'little boy'. Mom's are build like that. Remind her that you have grown, you have pubic hairs to prove. If that doesn't work, buy her jewelleries. It works for me. Ciao!

I Think My Boyfriend is Having An Affair

Hi Metis,
I think my bf is having an affair. Lately he seemed distant. Whenever I asked him to go out for a movie or shopping, he seemed distant and uninterested. Just the other day, there was this shoe sale at one of this popular new shopping mall. I asked him to come as it was a weekend but he said that he has something on. And he is always texting on his handphone which really bugs me. I really wanted to scream at him and ask him what was going on. What should I do?
~ Queen Bee

Hi Queen Bee,
Firstly, men don't like going out shopping with their gf namely on shoes! It bores them to hell.
No wonder he's avoiding you. Don't you send sms or text messages to your gal friends? Boys do that too you know. Look sweetie, hold on the screaming and go and get yourself a massage or a manicure. Once you are relaxed, go and talk to him. Give him space. Don't be to clingy when you do. Guys have this 'let's talk' gene, but it's somewhat damaged. Go easy on him. Remember, keep the yelling off bay. Leave it to the the cheerleaders.. Ciao bella!